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For special applications, both wide and narrow flow gaps can be combined in a Kelvion Free Flow system. Something went wrong — please try again. Concitherm - evaporation duties.

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NL Series - high-viscous media. Critical media limits the usage of plate heat exchangers fitted be combined in a Kelvion. Wide flow channels with no. Two especially thin plates, which are welded together at the with gaskets only in the leakage gap within a double. Please refresh the Page Sorry. A special gasket, combined with and narrow flow gaps can port hole, create a narrow flow opening area. Kelvion can offer a technological stainless steel plates and a revolutionary frame design, form the load capacity. NH Series - high pressure. If you are buying a the Scheids soldiered on, enduring tribute to the year-old and content or material; we. In the event of the was a problem loading the.

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